is now open to receiving visions, dreams & prophecies concerning the coming judgments upon the west coast of North America

Welcome to my end time website Looking to build a blog page in which to post visions, dreams and prophecies concerning the coming judgments upon the west coasts of America and Canada. Since the angel of the Lord took me into 7 open visions concerning what is take place just prior to the coming Pole Shift I have come across many people who have had similar encounters. The timing of what I was shown as far as a exact year was concerning although there were over 40 signs embedded in the visions. Taking into account what the Lord showed Terry Bennett and others the timing can be estimated to be in the early part of 2021. This does not leave much time to put together a mass exodus plan what I call EXODUS II. I’ll also be opening up another page called the EXODUS II Report. A kind of newsletter in which to network together with others to prepare and relocate into places of safety. The blog page is where I will be able to share your and link your posts. In the 7 open visions I saw the faces 3, 000,000 people die in Vancouver and the surrounding cities that could only been seen by walking in the full unction of the Holy Spirit. People were screaming in terror as the west coast was hit by a massive 13 pt. mega quake and a 1,500 ft. tidal wave to take place as the 7th seal was opened. Yeshus’s end time messenger, Joshua Taylor.

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