The Search for Zero Point - is it real (Article 01)

     Victor Shauberger’s work on vortex mechanics have been proven out to increase energy. Whether it be air, water or fire. Implosion dynamics I believe is the key to opening up the quantum gateway to the energy that exists in the universe. Nicola Tesla was on the right track. He used coils to generate and to transmit and to transmit energy. Imagine the potential if the energy itself could be manipulated minus the physical components.

     Since 2004 I have been converting laminar flow into a 3 dimensional circuit by using implosion dynamics. The compression of the energy develops a vacuum potential that generates the vortex spin. Its not just theory. It can easily be done. We are not taught this stuff in the universities as they are given only a limited knowledge. The rest exists outside of the box.

     Anyway the compression of matter aka fire to form a vortex field of energy is proportional to the degree of the vacuum state generated. The faster the spin the greater the vacuum potential and compression of matter. To convert laminar flow into a vortex form can be easily done by using a physical means to spin the air flow but this will not lead to a compression and transformation of the energy form.

     This much I have so far achieved over the past 10 years or so. From the many manifestations observed of the quantum state from arc lightning, lightning balls, metals as thermal superconductors vortex spin is the key to producing fission and fusion on a micro level. Why. Just imagine taking propane and air to form the initial implosion spin. As the vacuum state increased this proportionately compresses the matrix of the matter. The molecules that make up the implosion process not only are squeezed together but the atoms that make up the molecules are compressed. Atoms have a lot of space in between them. Even in the atom itself there is a lot of space between the nucleus and the valences. If the valences are compressed how would they react. Different combustion gases will also have a net pos. and neg. potential. In capping this theory I’m saying that by compressing matter aka combustion gases through implosion spin, the compression of the matter will result in either a manifested plasma or ionized field release or a transformation of the matter itself into a higher quantum state. It is my assumption that through compression dynamics matter can be triggered to give off a higher energy form.


Joshua Taylor –  inventor of the joepipe technology.

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