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By Donald E. Taylor aka Joshua

     With President Donald. J. Trump now into his second year. I believe that the most high God will use him to warn the American people about the coming Pole Shift and the need to establish places of refuge in order to preserve an elect seed.

    The great and terrible day of the Lord is coming and no man can stop it. It will begin with the ushering in of corrective judgment upon the land leading up to the time when the full measure of the wrath of the Almighty is poured out upon this last days wicked generation.

      The Almighty is using him not only to clean house. But to give God’s people the grace to prepare for a time when laws are passed by the elite where it will be difficult to buy and sell without having to take the mark.

This blog page is dedicated to posting what the Holy Spirit has revealed to others regarding this unfolding end time scenario of corrective judgments coming on the West Coast. The Church as a whole is spiritually asleep unaware of the coming destruction.

     In this blog there will be the opportunity for you to post what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you concerning the West Coast of both  America and Canada.

     For now you can send your vision, dream or prophecy to my personal email at: remnantprepper@gmail.com.  This will give me the time to set up an email account on this website. Or you can also go to my contact page and send what the Lord has shown you. From there I will post it to this blot page.

Two Hurricanes, Two Earthquakes, Economic Collapse, and Dollar Devalued 50%

     Then he said, “Then will come another earthquake that will occur in an area not normally thought of as prone to earthquakes, not normally thought of as having earthquakes.”

John Finn-Z3News

LA California MEGA Earthquake - Joe Brandt 1937 prophecy DREAM

     Prophetic dream or out of body experience… Joe Brandt went to the future and saw the coming Mega Quake in LA California and around the globe. He was only a teenager in 1937 when he was shown a global cataclysm. He recorded seeing California go into the sea and San Francisco area land plate completely flip over. ham radio operators broadcasting until the last moment.

Joe Brandt – Sep 28, 2017

Powerful Vision of West Coast Tsunami with brother Andy Nash

     A powerful vision of the west coast tsunami given to brother Andy Nash

Andy Nash – Vision 1990’s  – Uploaded by TribulationNowRadio

Destruction of West Coast of North America

      The San Andreas fault might be the sexier, more famous fault line predicted to destroy a sizable portion of the West Coast, but another running through … “There is a backstop—the craton, that ancient unbudgeable mass at the center of the continent—and, sooner or later, North America will rebound like a .

Joshua Taylor – Seven Open Visions-Feb. 1988 – Unleavened Bread Ministries

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