The Cascadia Seduction Zone 9.2 will be followed by a larger 13 point Mega-quake aka Pole Shift Event

A New Exodus is in the making for the West Coast. The clock is ticking and the time to take action has come. You can choose to do nothing or choose to survive the days ahead.


Vancouver - Summer 1999 - Joshua Taylor

Change is coming can’t you see.

To lose the captives and to set them free…

The time is short now plan ahead,

To prepare your souls for the coming dread!


An earthquake to strike this city of gloom,

And for the many it shall be their doom!

Thousands to die in one moment of time,

Buildings shall crumble erasing the skyline…


Sleep while you can for when the daylight arises,

Vancouver shall be shook bringing forth many surprises.

All bridges to collapse except for one,

Cutting off the masses during the shining of the sun!


Richmond to be hit with a tidal wave,

Canceling all flights and with it a mass grave.

Whiterock to suffer a similar fate,

The city to be flattened by a series of shakes.


Surrey shall not escape for it to shall suffer loss,

For all this is but a warning to awaken and to count the cost!

Now is the time, to prepare for the worst,

For those who don’t will suffer from thirst!


The lights will go out and the heat shall fail,

As the power be cut off and the food become stale!

All this be but a warning a shot across the bow,

And a kill shot to follow in the wake of this woe!!


Your life will be changed, whether you like it or not,

For it’s not in your hands to rewrite the plot.

Destruction will come, for those unprepared,

But for those who are ready their lives will be spared!


Put not off what you can do today,

For all this will happen in the shining of the day.

For those who believe I will help you to prepare,

For God has given me a plan to turn away your despair!


By working together we will see this through,

Preparation must begin now and our faith be raised too…

Write me while it’s still yet day that I might share with you,

Of how to prepare and what you must now do!

Vision Of The End Of America and the Rise of the Saints

      In 1979 a lady named Sarah Hoffman committed suicide, but was told in the spirit realm that she had to go back and finish her earthly life. She didn’t want to because her life had been terrible and she had experienced the wonder and beauty of Paradise. “This panoramic view of the earth came …

6 10 15 pm Word of the Lord Memphis

      Prophecy concerning judgment upon
America as it was in the days of lot…
This man of God is the real thing. Jesus came to him in 1967 and touched the psalms of his hands. Over his 50 years in ministry the Lord has given him many thousands of hours of visions and prophecy.

Coming Judgments will Change the face of America

   Actually THREE earthquakes. First 5.4. Then 9.5. Then the big one 12-15, depending on where you are,it maybe a … Byron Seale provides his prophetic word of knowledge from the Lord describing the next round of judgments to overcome the USA…Earthquakes, Tidal Waves, Captivity, and finally WAR.

Sarah Hoffman 1979 - newbeginningsknitwork

Prophet David Terrell -etsetsetsets23

Byron Seale - Dec 15, 2017

U.S. Navy Map

While living in Bangs, TX. in 1988 I got to know a friend who was in the U.S. Navy. She told me about this story where she was pulled aside by a Navy high official who rolled out these plans concerning rising oceans levels.

The future map of the United States of America – aka Nibiru Pole Shift event.

US Navy Intelligence Sea Level Rise and Pole Shift information. Sea level rise map. John Moore Lecture

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